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Bounce Back is Back

We are proud to announce that Neutrog returns to the South African market after a four year absence.  A selected range of our biological fertilizers will be relaunched from October 2018; the first being Neutrog’s flagship fertilizer, Bounce Back.

This move is a result of a joint venture with Gromor Pty Ltd.  Neutrog Products will be manufactured to Neutrog’s strict specifications at Gromor’s state of the art facility.

Other Neutrog products, such as Blade Runner and Sudden Impact for Roses, will follow.  We’re back bigger and better, and will continue to introduce our innovative, ground-breaking commercial and retail products for the South African market.

Neutrog Australia’s Managing Director, Angus Irwin said ‘ We are extremely pleased to be partnering and teaming up with a company such as Gromor.  They have the integrity and capability to manufacture and supply the Neutrog range of products to home gardeners in the spirit and manner in which the products were initially developed.’

Neutrog biological fertilizers are 100% natural, safe to use, sustainable and environmentally friendly.  We’ve embraced the bugs, changing the way we approach soil enrichment to create cutting-edge fertilizers that ate nutrient rich and bacterially diverse.

Research and development is at the heart of what we do, with Dr Uwe Stroeher heading our R&D team.  We strive to deliver innovative, first class products by expanding R&D activities both in-house and in collaboration with external partners at Universities and Research facilities.

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Address: Umlass Road, KwaZulu Natal
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