Probiotics in the Soil

Most of the time when we talk to people about soil microbes, they understand the concept behind improving the soil by encouraging soil bacteria and fungi, however people struggle with the idea that you can use an inoculant to benefit your soil.

The idea is essentially the same as the use of a probiotic for humans – essentially, probiotics are live microorganisms that may be able to help prevent and treat some illnesses in humans, whilst promoting a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system.

For soils, it is essential that the probiotic contains microbes – including bacteria and fungi – which you would normally find in the soil. If you introduce these to your garden, then you have a much better chance of getting them to survive and grow. The benefits of having a healthy microbial diversity in your soil means that they break down any organic matter, recycle and regulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous, they fix nitrogen for plant uptake, increase the available plant root area for nutrient uptake, improve soil structure and help control diseases. So how do we populate our soil with healthy microbes?

When we think about a probiotic for human gut health, although not identical for every person, the internal environment in a human gut it is similar in the temperature, pH, the amount of oxygen, moisture levels and the like. In this case you can make an effective probiotic containing just a few bacteria which are known to survive in this environment.

GOGO JuiceThe soil is a very different beast. In this situation, you can have marked differences in almost every environmental factor – anything from whether your soil is acid or alkaline, moist or dry, what it’s made of – clay, slit or sand, and even the types of plants that you’re growing.  So going in with just one or two or even a dozen different microbes won’t necessarily do the job in all soil types.  This is one of the prime benefits of using GOGO Juice – it is literally teeming with beneficial micro-biology. We also know that GOGO Juice can break down many different types of organic materials.

Some microbes will survive regardless of the soil conditions. We have done some DNA fingerprint analysis on GOGO Juice and found that the majority of microbes are in fact those commonly found in soils, which is what you want when you think about a probiotic for your soil.  The microbial action of GOGO Juice is in part to accelerate the breakdown of organic material, which in turn feeds other soil microbes, including those which have a close association with plant roots.  It is really a product which can be used on any soil type or around any plant to get that nutrient cycle in your soil kicking along.


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