Diversity & ethos in the soil

neutrog healthy soil gogo juiceMany gardeners are aware of soil microbe diversity, but in recent years more of the large biotech and plant breeding companies are seeing the benefits of using soil microbes to improve production – we’ve essentially been doing this for years at Neutrog.

After speaking at countless garden clubs and other events, people are always surprised how critical these microbes are to a happy and healthy garden.  Our approach at Neutrog has always been different to what some of the bigger companies do in the field of soil biologics – we use a holistic approach; in that we believe that you need a variety of microbes to get the best results.

A number of companies use soil microbial additives – most of these contain only a limited number of microbes, which not be suitable for all soil types or even different plant species. A number of studies using a selected subset of bacterial or fungal species have shown that these have only limited effectiveness, and many of the inoculants disappear within a short period of time.

GOGO JuiceA recent report by Monsanto and Novazyme who are major players in the field effectively said “bigger benefits may come from sets of microbes working together” so with thousands of microbes, how do you work out the best combination? It’s virtually impossible.  These companies have tested thousands of microbes in over 500,000 plots and have come to the same conclusion we have always spoken about – diversity in soil microbes can’t be beaten, and is likely to be our best option to improve plant health and yield.  With these findings, companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta and BASF are now working on microbes because they believe they have the potential to reduce the requirement on chemicals, and allow us to live more sustainably.

So this really reinforces and underpins the ethos Neutrog have always had. This is why we manufacture and sell products such as GOGO Juice, which contains thousands of different microbial species, of which some will survive and thrive in the conditions of your garden. We believe it is only logical that having diversity in your soil not only gives you the best chance of success, but also gives you an ecosystem which is more robust to change.

The principle behind how Neutrog products function is slowly being embraced by even the biggest players in the agricultural and horticultural field, so whether you’re using GOGO Juice or any of our pelletised products, you can be assured that you get that diversity. It’s even present in our supermulch Whoflungdung.

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