What is Who Flung Dung?

Who Flung Dung has been with us ever since we began turning chicken poo into fertilisers, but we only ever thought of it as a nuisance – adding time to the process of creating our range of microbiologically diverse fertilisers. And we certainly hadn’t given it a name – except for maybe ‘let’s get this crap out of here’… which is pretty much what we did… until recently.

Who Flung Dung is What?

Our raw product (and we mean raw) is chicken poo. It’s literally scooped from the chicken shed, piled into the back of a truck and delivered to our facility at Kanmantoo. From there it’s heaped into thermophilic (heat retaining) piles, inoculated and left to compost for around 3 months. The composted poo is then screened to separate it from the crappy chicken-shed bits.

Then one day we realised these crappy bits weren’t actually crappy at all, but a nutrient rich composting straw (mixed with a small amount of wood shavings). Plants would thrive on it and it’s sustainable – a totally natural, recycled product that would benefit growers (and us). It was a bit of a wow moment.

Why Who Flung Dung?

So, what to call our super straw… ExStrawdinary? Hay Baby? Hmm… not quite.
We chose Who Flung Dung because quite a bit of chicken poo flies through the air during the screening process. (Another reason why we thought the straw was a nuisance).

Stay tuned for the next part of the story in our next newsletter.

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