Research & Development

Research and Development is at the heart of what we do and what we care for at Neutrog.

We strive to deliver innovative, first-class products by expanding Research and Development activities both in-house and in collaboration with external partners at universities and research institutes.

Dr Uwe Stroeher

Dr Uwe Stroeher

Dr Uwe Stroeher heads up Neutrog’s Research & Development team

Poultus System

The Poultus System is a propriety owned and developed static air composting system designed to save energy costs, speed up the composting timeframe and reduce the composting footprint. It includes a revolutionary, patent pending, inoculant delivery system which delivers beneficial microbes (eNcase) into the compost via the airflow piping system.

eNcase contains a wide diversity of naturally selected microbes well known for the ability to degrade organic materials containing high levels of cellulose—ideal for use in speeding up the composting process and for reducing related odours. eNcase can also be used to aid in the decomposition of crop stubbles and thatch in lawns and turf, also speeding up the production of humic acid within the soil.

GOGO Juice

GOGO Juice is a diverse collection of microbes designed to be used as a probiotic within the soil. It contains a wide diversity of bacteria and fungi capable of liberating and unlocking plant nutrients trapped in either an insoluble form or within organic materials. GOGO Juice also contains a variety of other actives such as natural growth hormones, vitamins, amino acids and humic acid, derived from the bacterial digestion of organic materials such as kelp, fish, Lucerne and coal, during the brewing process. GOGO Juice is an ideal defensive aid against frost, heat or moisture stress and also useful on soils which have been stressed by heat, water logging or by chemical use.


Litterbugs is a biological product specifically developed to control and reduce the ammonia levels in the bedding materials of housed animals such as poultry and pigs. Litterbugs contains a unique selection of bacteria, capable of nitrification and denitrification, carried out by releasing the nitrogen trapped in ammonia to the atmosphere. Litterbugs also has the potential to be used for reducing odours from domestic household cat litters and from urine smells in soft furnishings.

Research is currently being carried out in developing specific biological products which contain bacteria which have been specifically identified for the roles they are able to play in liberating “locked up” phosphorous and others for their ability to fixate nitrogen.