Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is an A.C.O. registered organic fertiliser that has been specifically developed for growing healthy organic fruit and vegetables. 

Applying Rocket Fuel to your soil all year round (once in each season) will allow your fruit and vegetables to access the nutrients they need for optimum performance providing you with healthy and tasty produce from your garden.Create your own organic fruit and vegetables by giving them a “blast” through applying Rocket Fuel – specifically developed for growing healthy organic fruit and vegetables.

Rocket Fuel contains the full range of plant nutrients in a natural form.

  • Pellet Form
  • Organic fertiliser
  • A.C.O. registered product

Rocket Fuel application rates

Application rates
Rocket Fuel can be used throughout your entire garden and is safe to use on natives and bare-rooted roses.

This product was developed in support of our partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. 

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