Monarto Zoo’s New Native Habitat Garden

Monarto Zoo’s New Native Habitat Garden

Above: Monarto Zoo Senior Natives Keeper Louise Stockburger

Dedicated to helping people connect with nature, Monarto Zoo has created a new educational garden space aimed to inspire a greater connection with wildlife and the environment. The Native Habitat Garden not only looks fantastic, it has also been specifically designed to educate visitors as to how they can make small changes at home to preserve local wildlife, replicate native ecosystems and help keep animals safe.

Hidden amongst native trees in the zoo’s native wildlife precinct, the garden pathways wind around several man-made and natural features, including an insect hotel, cat enclosure, bird bath, and bird and bat boxes. The cat enclosure is a great example of how cat owners can keep cats contained within their own backyards out of harm from native wildlife.

Senior Natives Keeper Louise Stockburger said, “We want people to ask themselves what type of wildlife they have in their gardens and learn about how they can keep those animals safe.”

Bird & Bat Boxes

Since its creation, the garden has already began to attract new frog and inspect species. The area is already home to more than 40 native bird species including Willie Wagtails, Diamond Firetails and Superb Fairy-wrens, making it an ideal space for birdwatchers.

The Native Habitat Garden has been supported by many members of the local community, including funding from the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management board. Monarto Zoo has been a big supporter of Neutrog’s GoGo Juice and Bushtucker, and we were thrilled to donate our products to be used in this incredible project.

Read the full story on the Monarto Zoo website and check out the garden during one of their behind-the-scenes native animal experiences.

Monarto Zoo’s Native Habitat Garden

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