Video Gallery

5AA Weekend Show with Michael and Leith talk with Dr Uwe about the best way to fertilise your fruit trees

FIVEaa’s Michael Keelan and Neutrog’s microbiologist Dr. Uwe Stroeher discuss how to aid plant recovery in Autumn.

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss how the use of Seamungus can revive your garden after a heatwave

The Garden Clinic – Graham Ross and Dr Uwe explain the effect of rain on soil microbes

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss how to create a good balance of insect diversity and health in your garden

Dr Uwe talks with the 5AA team about the benefits of insects and insect diversity in your garden

Dr Uwe explains the difference between compost and fertilizer

Tribe FM interview Merv Trimper, co-ordinator of the National Rose Trial Gardens in South Australia

Dr Uwe talks about best practice to fertilise your potted plants

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