Video Gallery

Graham Ross of 2GB’s “The Garden Clinic” chats with Daniel Low, President of the NSW Camellia Research Society

Dr Uwe explains why fertilising is equally important in Winter

Gavin Woods, President of the National Rose Society joins the Five AA team on The Weekend Show

Find out why its beneficial to fertilise your plants in winter

Graham Ross of 2GB and Neutrogs Dr Uwe discuss how microbes link with plant seeds

Why do some plants need more of one micronutrient than others?

Rachael Matushka of Treloar Roses talks with Michael Keelan and the FiveAA Weekend show

Learn how the control of soil bacteria and bacteriophages helps your Garden on The Weekend Show with Dr Uwe

Drought Tolerance in trees and fungal diversity – Dr Uwe Stroeher and 2GB’s Graham Ross explain

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