eNcase Research & Development

eNcase Research & Development


Neutrog was well established when we started delving into the nature of our fertilisers from a biological point of view – we knew Neutrog consistently out-performed the raw stuff, but we didn’t exactly know why. Our biological journey took us over the years through hypothesis, testing and deduction before we finally concluded that bacteria play a significant role in nutrient availability and uptake. After all, nothing can work without bacteria… including nutrients.

Our research took a leap ahead when world-renowned molecular micro-biologist Dr Uwe Stroeher joined the team. He concurred with our broad theory that bacteria proliferated through the composting process. He further proposed that after many years of composting the same materials on the same site, we had effectively bred ‘super bugs’ – ones that were highly proficient in breaking down organic matter and unlocking the nutrients in soil.

We experimenting in earnest, putting composted chicken poo into beer brewing kits with the idea of brewing ‘super composting’ bacteria. We had a few false starts (making lactic acid from adding too much sugar and not enough oxygen), but eventually we propagated the good bacteria found in our compost. It was a game changer – we had brewed a microbe-diverse ‘potion’ (now known as eNcase©) and a whole new world of possibilities suddenly opened up.

New Products

From this research, we created strange brews (with kelp, straw, fish meal, coal and other performance-enhancing nutrient-rich/nutrient-diverse ingredients) which eventually became products like GOGO Juice, Seamungus and Gyganic.

Biological Diversity

As a company, Neutrog is only at the beginning of its biological evolution, but we are already manufacturing novel and imaginative products that have never been made before. Products that are more microbiological diverse, robust and adaptable, and more tolerant to drought, heat and frost. We are researching, examining and DNA matching, endeavouring to uncover the true scope of bacterial diversity and the probiotic potential of these products.

It’s exciting to think where the future may take us, and the possibilities these biological formulations may bring. If you’d like to be updated with any future products and developments from Neutrog, join the Pooh Bah Club and we’ll keep you posted!


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