Neutrog's Big Idea


Our BIG IDEA is that as a biological fertiliser manufacturer, we can make a difference to horticulture and agriculture in the heavily populated world of today and into the future.

The Neutrog organisation can only execute its BIG IDEA by assembling and maintaining, at all levels, a team of people spread across its geographic area of activity, who will commit to the BIG IDEA.

Neutrog’s organisational diaspora can only achieve the desired outcome if an appropriate level of capital is continuously available from sources whose interest is in the long term outcome rather than a quick gain and an early exit. Therefore, Neutrog’s earnings commitment must be to an ongoing upper quartile performance. This will enable security and opportunity for personal development of team members wherever they are across the spectrum of the company’s activities.

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Neutrog Australia Pty Ltd / 288 Mine Road, Kanmantoo SA 5252

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