A Sudden Impact in Spring at Treloar Roses

A Sudden Impact in Spring at Treloar Roses

Treloar Roses, Photo © Gary Matuschka, used under license

Spring and summer bring the vivid colour, display and aroma of roses, and why see one rose when you can see one hundred, one thousand or one million roses? This is the time to indulge your senses and reap the rewards of rose growing on a grand scale.

Treloar Roses are Australia’s largest rose grower and have been cultivating and selling bare root roses for over 50 years. Located just north of Portland in Victoria, Treloar’s cover 300 acres of land in vibrant flowering brilliance.

It all started with Ted Treloar selling flowers from the back of his fruit and vegetable shop. After some supply frustrations, he purchased the land near Portland to grow his own roses. With a great spark of commercial nous, Ted’s humble beginning soon blossomed into Australia’s premier rose growing business. Today, Treloar Roses produce the largest range of roses offered by mail order in Australia.

Ted’s grandson, Trent Treloar, now runs the business with Gary and Rachael Matuschka. In true Treloar style, they’re introducing a new idea: rose tourism.

“In summer, it’s such a lovely display garden, lots of new beds. Worth showing off and encouraging visitors,” said Gary. “On our tours, we explain the production process. People are surprised to see a rose farm on this scale, particularly 100,000 roses all in flower at once.”

They’ve got roses covered, in every which way. Commercially, Treloar Roses is Australia’s primary rose ‘introducer’, releasing the best new varieties to the public from rose breeders world-wide. Treloar Roses is also the primary Australian agent for Kordes Roses, David Austin Roses and Dickson Nurseries.

As a visitor to Treloar Roses, there are many colourful options: a farm tour on the newly acquired mini-bus, a stroll in the gardens or even a wedding. The extensive two acre show garden features a fabulous display of the different rose varieties, with more in development each year.

Photo © Gary Matuschka, used under license


Not in the vicinity? You can indulge digitally by visiting the Treloar Roses website where you will be delighted by the array of colours and information available, including rose care tips. Online ordering for potted roses is a fabulous option if you’ve missed out on bare root rose orders in winter.

Treloar Roses use Neutrog’s Sudden Impact for Roses and Seamungus on their display garden. Gary said that after pruning in late winter, when the plants are dormant, they condition the soil with Seamungus. Then at the sign of first growth, Sudden Impact for Roses is used for fertilising.

They’ve also used Neutrog’s super mulch, Whoflungdung on a newly planted trial bed.

“I smelt it from 50 metres away!” said Gary, “But we’d only just put it down so it was very fresh. I’m really impressed as it seems like a good weed suppressant. We will be trialling the whole bed with it.”

For more information, please visit www.treloarroses.com.au

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